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January 29th


Seeking story submissions for my first book on Psychic / Intuitive Children.

Have you heard people speak of Psychic Children or young ones who seem to be in tune with their spiritual selves without ever having been taught about God, Angels, even Heaven? Have you known a young one who lives from an "Eternal Perspective" knowing there is more to life than this one in this body? Have you seen children laughing and talking to "invisible friends" that inform them of information those children could not possibly have known at the time?

 I am currently researching stories on young children who remember their Pre-Birth existence (some call it Heaven), their Past Lives; see Spirits, Angels or deceased Loved Ones; talk to animals; heal the sick; and speak of profound spiritual topics. I want to study and present the “voice of our children’s souls”. I want to display fine examples to those among us who have forgotten what the age of innocence is like and to rekindle the inner peace and love of the world that every child innately exhibits. My book is being filled with thought provoking, humorous, and memorable stories that children have lived and told others.

Many call these unique "masters"  Warriors of the Light, Indigo Children, Rainbow Children, Star Children, and the Crystal Children.The Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children get their names from their aura colors and energies.  The Indigo children have primarily Indigo auras and they are here to ensure that the world is safe for the crystal children.  The Crystal children are peace makers and have auras that reflect many different colors like a crystal.  They need to have connection to the earth and nature to thrive.  The Rainbow children are starting to enter the world and are here for when the world is truly at peace.  They cannot handle the violence that we currently have.  There are adults who are Indigo and Crystal who came as advance beings to pave the wave for each new generation.  The Star children are souls/children who come from other planets and realms to help humanity so that we do not destroy their worlds. 

These amazing Messengers of the Light live and love among us. We could learn mountains from them.  They are so pure, so innocent, and so naive, yet they are so profoundly wise and insightful.  Their connection to the “other place” that is between life and death, this is my hope that I can open a window into their manifestation of the universal law that “unconditional love is eternal”.

 Would you have any stories you'd like to submit to me?

 Book Submission Suggestions:

  1. Stories must be submitted ONLY in the Online Form provided by this website.
  2. Photo's are welcomed, but not guaranteed to be used.
  3. Any photographs of children should list FIRST NAME ONLY to protect identities.
  4. Include child’s age in photograph.
  5. Include State/Country of child’s photograph or story.
  6. Your full name and mailing address for discounted book offer if your story is published.

  Please take a few minutes to share your stories and thoughts with 
  me.  I welcome your participation! Submit Story Here.